For Ducks’ Sake is a twin stick action shooter in which you try to stop your little ducklings from being stolen and eaten by inexplicably angry gnomes!
Don’t worry, you’re heavily armed.

Made in a frantic 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46.


  • Keyboard: WASD (qwerty) / ZQSD (azerty) / ,AOE (dvorak) to move | cursor keys or mouse to aim
  • Gamepad: Left stick move, Right stick aim, RT to fire.

Built using Phaser 3, in a caffeine fueled frenzy, by Gary Stanton & Super Hadoken.


We’ve had feedback indicating that some people would prefer full 360 aiming. We always intended this to be a retro 8-way shooter, but we gave it a go anyway and found that the game is way too easy with a full aim rotation, so you’re stuck with 8 directions!!


  • There seems to be a bug in the setup whereby ocassionally the physics doesn’t load up with the game. If you’re unable to shoot any gnomes, please hit F5 to refresh the page!
  • Occasionally the game fails to register that you’ve lost all your ducklings.
  • Some collision issues when playing right at the edge of the screen.


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Could you release the phaser code? I want to learn how to make a shooter like this! Cheers!

I'm not sure whether or not we'll be releasing code for this, but you can easily make a top down shooter from the Phaser examples here:

veru cute retro graphics, Im a programmer, looking for a graphic designer or a team to work together. are you interested?

My LD game:

Very enjoyable! Great Work!

The Ludum Dare page's comments are broken for some reason